Réseaux du futur : 5G et au-delà

11-13 mars, 2020
Telecom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Palaiseau 

RF-EMF exposure assessment in the new incoming 5G indoor exposure scenarios
Marta Bonato  2, 1, *@  , Laura Dossi  1@  , Emma Chiaramello  1@  , Serena Fiocchi  1@  , Silvia Gallucci  1@  , Gabriella Tognola  1@  , Paolo Ravazzani  1@  , Marta Parazzini  1@  
2 : Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering  (DEIB, Polytechnic of Milano)
1 : Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering  (IEIIT, CNR)
* : Auteur correspondant

In the next years the development of the incoming 5G networks will drastically change the level of exposure of the population to RF-EMF. For this reason, there is a need to promptly conduct an adequate exposure assessment. In the present work a specific case of a user exposure scenario is evaluated, where the user is placed in a room where a 5G access point is located. More in details, the exposure of two 8x8 multi-element antenna planar arrays are examined in an indoor environment and correctly modelled at 3.7 GHz and 27 GHz. The user exposure assessment will be conducted using the FDTD solver implemented in Sim4Life platform. In specific, the user will be described by the head of Ella model from the Virtual Family, who will be placed at a distance of 50 cm from the antenna array, simulating two different worst cases of exposure scenario. The quantities that will be analyzed for determining the exposure levels are the specific absorption rate (SAR) and the transmitted power density (, as indicated in the basic restrictions of the ICNIRP guidelines.

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